Dental Fees

Listed below are our dental fees for NHS services and private services.

Paying your Dental Fees

Payments can be made during the course of your treatment by cash, debit or credit card and your account needs to be settled in full by the end of treatment. We do require that you pay for the treatment provided at each visit, in full. A deposit will be required before scheduling an appointment. Our fees guide is available upon request and is subject to annual review. Treatment estimates are given following examination. A written estimate will be provided.

Please note that this is an estimate and may be subject to change.

0% finance available

To make it easier to pay for larger treatments we offer interest-free finance. This can help you spread the cost of your procedure over 12 months.

Please contact our practice if you would like more details.

Private Fees


TreatmentPrices From (£)
Initial Examination (includes x-rays) 40.00
Routine Examination 30.00
Extra-oral X-rays O.P.G 41.00
Small X-rays (each) 8.00

Restorations/Fillings (Amalgam)

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Small fillings 45.00
Large fillings 80.00
Pin retention 10.00

Abrasion Cavities

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Composite 35.00
Glass Ionomer (fluoride releasing) 30.00

Composite/White Fillings

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Small white fillings 50.00
Medium white fillings 80.00
Large white fillings 120.00

Crown and Bridge

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Gold Crown or Inlay 450.00
Crown (Porcelain fused to Grey Metal) 420.00
Crown (Porcelain fused to light Gold Metal) 450.00
Hi-tech Crown (natural looking, metal free) 550.00
Bridge per Unit 420.00
Adhesive Bridge (per Replacement Tooth) 650.00
Composite Inlay 420.00
Porcelain Inlay 500.00
Gold Cast Post 95.00
Direct Post Core 80.00
Pin Core Build Up 75.00
Recement Crown 40.00
Recement Bridge 60.00
Consultation & Prescription 20.00
Porcelain Veneer 450.00

Root Canal Therapy

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Incisor 200.00
Pre-Molar 300.00
Molar 350.00


TreatmentPrices From (£)
Partial Acrylic 350.00
Tooth Coloured Clasps (each) 50.00
Full Acrylic (upper or lower) 400.00
Full/full Acrylic (upper and lower) 800.00
Precision Metal 750.00
Mouthguards 125.00


TreatmentPrices From (£)
Simple Extraction 80.00
Subsequent Simple Extraction (same visit per tooth) 40.00
Soft Tissue Elevation 105.00
Surgical Extraction 160.00
Complex Surgery (per half hour) 90.00


TreatmentPrices From (£)
Simple Descaling 35.00
Express Hygiene 20 mins 30.00
Air Polish (for fast, pain free stain removal) 50.00
Air Polish & Descaling Combined 75.00
Hygienist 30 mins 50.00

Other Specialist Services

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Complex Periodontal POA
Bleaching (full mouth) 325.00

Emergency Treatment

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Abscess Drainage 40.00

NHS Fees

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Urgent treatment 22.70
Band 1 course of treatment 22.70
Band 2 course of treatment 62.10
Band 3 course of treatment 269.30

Implant Fees

TreatmentPrices From (£)
Consultation (including x rays) 40.00
Sinus lift (Lateral window technique) 1000.00
Implant retained denture 1500.00
Single implant placement including crown 1200.00
Sinus Lift (Transalveolar technique) 550.00
Collagen membrane 250.00
Bone graft 400.00
Zirconia Crown 700.00
Implant Placement 700.00