Dental inlay / onlay

A tooth-coloured dental inlay or dental onlay are restorations placed usually on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. A dental inlay fits within the confines of the teeth. An onlay covers the entire chewing surface of the tooth. These can be made of either plastic resin or porcelain. The procedure involves removing decayed tooth structure or old fillings, preparing the tooth cavity, taking an impression of the cavity to fabricate a custom-fit dental inlay or dental onlay. Two visits are required to complete the treatment.

Dental fees for Dental inlay / onlay

Veneer Price: 350.00
Gold Crown or Inlay Price: 450.00
Crown (Porcelain fused to Grey Metal) Price: 420.00
Crown (Porcelain fused to light Gold Metal) Price: 450.00
Hi-tech Crown (natural looking, metal free) Price: 550.00
Bridge per Unit Price: 420.00
Adhesive Bridge (per Replacement Tooth) Price: 650.00
Composite Inlay Price: 420.00
Porcelain Inlay Price: 500.00
Gold Cast Post Price: 95.00
Direct Post Core Price: 80.00
Pin Core Build Up Price: 75.00
Recement Crown Price: 40.00
Recement Bridge Price: 60.00
Partial Acrylic Price: 350.00
Tooth Coloured Clasps (each) Price: 50.00
Full Acrylic (upper or lower) Price: 400.00
Full/full Acrylic (upper and lower) Price: 800.00
Precision Metal Price: 750.00
Mouthguards Price: 125.00